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The following is a list of the weapons available in the game.On dead rising 2 how do you beat the Baily twins? (Amber and Crystal - Case 4). and theres a hidden LMG in the yucatan,.Skateboarding (skateboard lasts three times longer and gain a trick): First floor of the Fortune City Hotel.

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Hunting Jacket: Start a game by importing a Dead Rising: Case Zero file. Easy levelingEnter Fortune Park, and go towards the Atlantica Casino, but do not go in.Do not hit too many zombies or walls with the wheelchair or you will dump the survivor and the wheelchair will break.Whenever he stops to reload, charge at him with the Super Slicer on.

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When Leon appears from the left side, he will run into the wall.

All Dead Rising Forums. Neoseeker Forums » Xbox 360 Games » Action and Arcade » Dead Rising 2 » Survivor / Zombrex **Possible Spoiler**???.Search the listed location or complete the indicated task to get free Zombrex.The Facts | Main missions Dead Rising 2. In order to complete the mission, head to Yucatan Casino and. You can get the food at the casino restaurant, the LMG.. The first Zombrex in Dead Rising 2 is in the Slot Ranch Casino. Zombrex in Dead Rising 2 is in the Yucatan Casino. hop of at the LMG and you will get.When you get to the entrance for the loading bay, notice that it is blocked off by a line of large boxes.

Combine them to make the Super Slicer, and bring it to the fight.Download the game guide 'FAQ And Walkthrough' for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record on Xbox 360 (X360) (94730).

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Lure a large amount of zombies near you using the firecrackers.The LMG is a weapon in Dead Rising 2. Yucatan Casino - right next to. Dead Rising Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.Lead Snowflake in circles until she has eaten all the steaks, making sure not to attack her.Dead Rising 2 Tips and Tricks FAQ Discussion in '. In the Yucatan Casino there's a German sausage. Unlike most Servbot masks in "Dead Rising 2," you can.Then, go to the entrance of the Shamrock Casino (Silver Strip - H106), and get the SUV.

Special Item/Gun Locations - Dead Rising 2: Off the Record: Shotguns -A shotgun can be found in the Yucatan Casino near the large tower structure in the center of the.When you go down the tunnels, go directly to the second maintenance room on the left side, following the arrow towards the mission.Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC). Dead Rising 2 shifts the action from the everyday world of mid-West America to. (Yucatan Casino.

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Dead Rising 2: Off the Record – Gold Medals Guide. in the Americana casino they are in front. with the LMG (double ammo), and in the yucatan there’s one.Quantic Dream Illustrates How NOT to Handle Sexual Harassment.

Once the SUV is almost destroyed, enter and exit the Yucatan Casino quickly.

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Combine the indicated items to create the corresponding weapon.

Dead Rising 2 for PlayStation 3 cheats. Yucatan Casino:. Electric Chair + LMG or Merc Assault Rifle.The following is a list of the clothes available in the game.He will then struggle with his flamethrower, giving you a chance to attack him with a melee weapon (spiked bat or Defiler recommended) before taking cover again.Before the psychopath battle with Ted at the Yucatan Casino, collect four steaks.Dead Rising 2. Weapons. Combine the. outside the men's bathroom in the Yucatan Casino) Freezer Bomb:. Machine Gun Motorcycle: Motorcycle + LMG. Back to Dead.If done correctly, you can defeat him in approximately five hits.

Fashion Aficionado (20 points): Change into 10 different pieces of clothing.Once Ted has been killed, continue running from Snowflake, but periodically drop the steaks as you go.Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. Ninja Mask Outside of Shoal Night Club in Yucatan Casino Up the escalator and instead of turning left to enter. Dead Rising.

. guide, FAQ, weapon combos, unlockables, trophies, and secrets for Dead Rising 2 for. Rifle or LMG ) Super Slicer. bathroom in the Yucatan Casino.Waitress Outfit: Start a game by importing a Dead Rising: Case Zero file.

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So, I looked around the forums for awhile, and I couldn't find one so I started my own. What do you guys think about Dead Rising 2. Which I might add is rele.Dealer Outfit: Change into all available pieces of clothing, except locker items.. guide, FAQ, weapon combos, unlockables, achievements, and secrets for Dead Rising 2 for. Rifle or LMG) Super. bathroom in the Yucatan Casino.